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Started a year ago, the Dupont Circle Business Improvement District has left its mark on the community. Through their cleaning, events and development of businesses, they have made Dupont Circle a safer, cleaner and more attractive place to visit.

Dupont Circle BID makes long-term impact in short time

The one year anniversary of Dupont Circle Business Improvement Development marks progress through cleaner streets, planned events and expanded and new businesses.

One year ago, the Dupont Circle Business Improvement District or BID was launched.

The nonprofit organization was founded in order to promote the Dupont Circle neighborhood public space management, strategic marketing and economic development initiatives.

The Dupont Circle BID, a self-taxing district established by property owners to enhance the economic vitality of a specific commercial area, according to, covers approximately 11 blocks, including P Street NW, Massachusetts Avenue and Connecticut Avenue from the circle to California Street NW. The BID is one of 11 BIDs in the District.

Dupont Circle BID Marketing and Events Associate Kayla Brown said the work is “going great” and that a lot has happened over the past year.

Since debuting last November, Dupont Circle BID has helped open up six businesses and have plans to expand two additional businesses. It has put together various events including a volunteer park clean up with local businesses, an art-all-night showcase, a German band performance in the circle and an event called Holiday Hop-Around.

Darlington House is one of the businesses within the BID boundaries. Manager Patricia Beggiato has noticed the difference the BID is making around her place of business.

“[The Dupont Circle} BID is doing a good job of helping keep the area clean and secure,” Beggiato said. “They are doing well with trying to get people to come back to Dupont Circle with their visibility. They also plan really nice events alongside the The Historic Dupont Main Streets.”

The Dupont Circle BID has a team that keeps the streets of Dupont Circle clean, including power washing, emptying trash bins and removing gum, litter and graffiti.

One of the services Dupont Circle BID has initiated is their clean team through a partnership with another nonprofit, The Historic Dupont Main Streets. Through this alliance, the BID cleans and sustains the sidewalks and curbs for residents, visitors and tourists seven days a week. Known as The Welcome Team, they clean the streets through power washing, operating basic maintenance needs, emptying trash bins and removing gum and getting rid of litter and graffiti.

Bill Mcleod, executive director of The Historic Dupont Main Streets, said it has been really good partnering up with BID.  McLeod said that they have partnered up on 20 popups in Dupont this year.

“They sponsored our ‘All Art Night’ and we had about 26,000 people visit 26 different locations,” McLeod said. “They even putting up Christmas lights this year, which is big because Dupont has never had Christmas lights on the street lights before.”

The Dupont Circle underpass and surrounding area will be a part of the $25 million Dupont Plaza and Streetscape Project on Connecticut Avenue, from Dupont Circle to California Street NW. The goal is make Dupont Circle more attractive for residents, visitors and tourists.

The Dupont Circle BID has also teamed up with the DDOT to build the Dupont Plaza and Streetscape Project. DDOT invested $25 million for this project in order to assemble a multi-modal streetscape along Connecticut Avenue, from Dupont Circle to California Street NW. The project aims to attract more people to the neighborhood through a whole new look for the corridor, including new light poles, tree boxes and benches and new sustainable stormwater management features.


The improved streetscape aspect will include improved pedestrian, bicycle, transit and vehicle travel by fixing up curbs, gutters, sidewalks and pedestrian ramps. There will also be intersection improvements to increase safety for all users of the road, which could include new street lights, traffic signals and crosswalks.

The highlighted part of this map is the 11 boundaries that the Dupont Circle BID organization covers. (Courtesy of Connecticut Avenue Streetscape and Deck-Over Project)

Veterinarian Brandon Wilson, who travels to Dupont Circle weekly, is excited to see what changes this project will bring.

“I can’t wait to see how amazing this area will look after this is all said and done. With the money the city is putting into this, the wait should be worth it.”

The project is expected to break ground in 2021.

Courtney Jacobs

Courtney CJ Jacobs is a Student Reporter at American University, studying Journalism and Public Affairs for his Master's Degree.

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