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Families gather at Tenleytown Sport Bar to watch the Washington Nationals play. The Nationals have made a historic feat attempting to give the District of Columbia its first-ever World Series championship.

Everyone seems to have Nats fever, but what about the Mystics and Capitals?

The Washington Nationals are looking to come back from a 3-2 deficit in hopes of giving the District its first-ever championship in Major League Baseball. The Mystics brought home their first championship this summer and the Capitals took home NHL’s big prize in 2018.

This is the Nationals’ first time in the World Series, and many residents feel like they have a stake in this series.

One long-time fan John Atwood remembers when the Nationals were called the Senators. Win or lose, he said he’s still proud of his team and has been waiting for a moment like this for a long time.

“When I was a kid, I went to the Senators games in the late 1960s before they left for Texas,” he said. “For them to gradually rise to the point where they finally made it to the World Series it’s something I and Washington baseball fans have been waiting for for a lifetime.”

D.C. resident Michael Holler said the Nationals have never been the team favored to win and thinks they still have time to make a comeback.

“If we end up losing, that’s a tough one. I mean I think kind of going into this series is that we were the wildcard coming in, there is an element of the kind of like the underdog vibe,” Holler said.

While all the hype seems to be revolving around the Nationals, the Washington Capitals had a historic run last year that resulted in their first-ever championship title in the Stanley Cup.

And a similar feat happened much earlier this year with the Washington Mystics when they won their first-ever championship, but many D.C. residents didn’t seem to care as much.

D.C. resident John Atwood said the Mystics deserve a lot more recognition than they received.

“I’m disappointed. You know they won the title here in D.C. I do think they deserved a better reaction then they got,” Atwood said.

The Nats will face the Astros in game six of the series tonight, in Houston.

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