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Candidate’s gender important to some voters

By Caroline Rinker

MANCHESTER, N.H. — It was snowing as the line for Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Sunday night rally wrapped around a Manchester high school gym.

Many of the hundreds of people waiting were still undecided about which candidate they would back in the primary, but Jon Onorowski said he’d already decided to vote for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and that he was surprised at the long lines of people waiting to see the Minnesota Democrat.

And while Onorowski said a candidate’s gender wasn’t important to him, Rebecca Liubakka said that gender did play a role in her decision.

“I am here because she’s a woman,” Liubakka said about Klobuchar. “I have wicked guilt about voting for a man.”

She said her husband Tristan had been supporting President Donald Trump but had been impressed with Klobuchar.  When he joined his wife in line, he said he appreciated Klobuchar’s style, which he described as similar to Trump’s.

“This is how we’re gonna do it, and this where we’re gonna get the money,” Tristan Liubakka said. “Don’t fill me full of fluff.”

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