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Roads closed for protesters in front of Israeli Embassy in DC

Hundreds gathered in front of the Israeli Embassy in D.C., protesting Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

A large police presence closed Van Ness Street between Connecticut Ave and Reno Road Wednesday night. This area is the location of many embassies, including China’s, Ghana’s and Pakistan’s.

Nick Fogleman/The Wash

Similar protests have taken place across the world this week. Protesters in Jordan attempted to access the U.S. Embassy, and large groups of protesters have rallied in Greece, Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey.

Since the attack, Israel has bombed the Gaza Strip, leaving over 2,000 people dead, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry.

Samia, a protester who did not give her last name out of fear of backlash, said, “The world is protesting everywhere.”

This demonstration follows protests at the Capitol, where hundreds were arrested calling for a cease-fire in Gaza Wednesday.

Samia said protesting in front of the Israeli Embassy was important to her and her family. “It felt like it was the closest I could get to being in Palestine and showing my disgust to the Israelis,” Samia said.

Protesters had a moment of silence for those lost in an explosion at a Palestinian hospital Tuesday that killed hundreds.

Nick Fogleman/The Wash

President Biden visited the Middle East this week, and some protesters in the District on Wednesday criticized the Biden Administration’s support of Israel.

“I wish the U.S. government would wise up and understand that as great a country as it is, it needs to get its principles straight, and it needs to stand behind humans and human rights because this is not a Palestinian-Israeli issue; it’s a human issue,” Samia said.

More protests are planned around D.C. this week as the situation in the Middle East continues to develop.


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Nick Fogleman is a journalist covering the Capitol Hill neighborhood for the Wash. He is currently pursuing a master's in Journalism and Public Affairs at American University.

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